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Smart Net Manager Is
A Network Monitoring
And Management

that gives you control over all of your network equipment via an intuitive and user friendly dashboard. This software contains these features:

network inventory

Network Inventory Auto Discovery

Smart Network Manager has the ability to scan all of your network equipment and create a network map of all the equipment in your network. This includes computers, printers, network switches, network routers, firewalls, storage equipment, and so on. It generates a sophisticated map of all the equipment that is intuitive and user friendly, so you can have a look at your network area at a glance. This feature makes network inventory and documentation, very easy.

Smart Net Manager

Network Monitor

Smart Network Manager uses network monitoring protocols like ICMP and SNMP to gather information that network administrators need to see and you can access them either by a list or by hovering over the network equipment in the network map. You can select which variables you want to monitor on each network equipment, and add or remove them easily.

Internet Security

Internet Security Monitoring and Access Control

Smart Network Manager has a built in firewall system that allows you to deny or allow traffic from sources you have in mind. This feature also comes with a web usage monitoring feature that allows you to blacklist or whitelist specific websites and applications. This makes user traffic management intuitive and easy, so you won’t worry about your employees being on social media when they have to be working.

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

This application allows you to have trackers to gather information about your server’s network performance, disk space, memory usage and CPU usage, which is a must have for a network monitoring software. The server monitoring also allow you to track specific applications that have to be run on the server and get information from many server applications that you are running on them i.e. Apache web servers or MySQL databases.

Cisco Ip SLA

Cisco IP SLA and Syslog

Smart Net Manager is designed to support IP Service Level Agreement technology for extra network management and control. This technology allows you track and measure specific variables like FTP downloads, DNS look-ups, DHCP lease requests and ICMP echos (remote ping), etc. This feature allows network admins to gather these information from single dashboard instead of having to logon to each network equipment individually. But you have to keep in mind to use this feature, the network equipment you are tracking must support and have IP SLA enabled. Smart Net Manager also gathers syslog messages from Cisco routers and switches and displays them in an intuitive and readable manner, this means no more reading the CLI for admins which is all you could want from a Network Monitoring software.

Web APP Support

Web App

Smart Net Managers offers a web app with enhanced user experience in mind. This web app allows you to monitor all of the features from a single web dashboard, this means no installation of software is required for network monitoring, just install the server software and you can access the features of this program from a web interface easily.

Internet Security

Wake on LAN and Remote Client Access

Smart net manager allows you to have intuitive wake on LAN features to have control over your clients from the dashboard. This feature allows you to turn user clients and servers on and off remotely, schedule shutdowns and power-ons, and also to have remote client access to each of these clients remotely by one click which is a must have for network management and control.

Server Monitoring

Smart Software Deployment

Smart Net Manager, Network Monitoring Software can develop msi packages to your windows client computers with the help of a wizard that has made this process very easy and intuitive. And if there is no msi package available, it has a smart msi package creator that comes with the software that you can use to turn normal .exe files to msi packages ready to be deployed on the network.