Network Monitroing Software Trends in 2020

May 31, 2020

Network Monitoring Trends in 2020

With the rapid advance of technology we can observe how network monitoring software solutions have become smarter, more efficient and more accessible. This new era in network monitoring solutions has brought some new trends that are evolving the monitoring world. In this article we are going to go through some of these network solutions. But before we begin let’s have a look at what network monitoring software technologies are being used today.

What Does A Network Monitoring Software Offer?

A network administrator needs some key features to be able to function in the network monitoring software. These features constitute of a user friendly graphic interface, controllers for each of the nodes and remote management functionality, the man features that a network monitoring software needs is listed below: • Network Discovery: it must be able to get a list of all the network equipment currently online. • Network Monitoring: the software should get the status of the equipment that is functional in the environment, for example a server’s CPU load and memory status are some aspects of network monitoring. • Network Mapping: the software must show all the network equipment in one glance, this makes reviewing routine tasks and monitoring all the equipment easier. • Network Reporting: the software should be able to report fails and alerts of the different devices in the environment to the network administrator, either via an app or email for really critical tasks.

The software that provides these features can be viewed as a viable option for network monitoring. But these are the defaults and have been around for ages, if you want to stay with the times you should start looking at the newer trends in the market.

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Network Monitoring Software, Smarter Than Ever

There are many features that have been added to network monitoring software lately these features will be explained and you can understand what you need in your own networks:

IP Address Management (IPAM)

Networks are growing rapidly, with phones, tablets and even some other accessories connected to the network, the management of these IP addresses becomes really hard. Imagine a network that has some IP addresses set statically and two DHCP servers that are functional in different parts of the network, keeping track of these IP addresses becomes increasingly difficult. With an IPAM feature managing these IP addresses, the lives of the network administrators becomes easier.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

SDN is a new network management system that tries to separate the network control plane from the network forwarding plane, this allows administrators to define better policies and enhance the network forwarding process. It has not yet been introduced in the network monitoring software scene but with the efficiency that SDN brings, we will see more SDN capabilities in the network monitoring software that are available.


SD-WAN is a technology a new technology that uses virtualization to enhance wide area network control. The thing about SD-WAN is that it allows administrators to control a wide-area network with lots of clients from a centralized location. This technology is on the rise and we will see SD-WAN functions in network monitoring software soon as the market is growing rapidly.

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AI Monitoring

AI has made it’s way into all sections of computer science nowadays. And network monitoring is no exception, AI can help monitor networks and other network equipment through smart monitoring capabilities to help IT administrators with analysis of data which is really valuable. Speaking of analysis the next thing hot on the market is Analytics.


Data sciences is a growing field and rightly so, analysis of big data allows people to see what they are doing right and wrong and design their systems more effectively. Data analytics has made its way into network monitoring and it’s gaining popularity. With the help of big data administrators will be able to turn data into insightful information and with the help of network monitoring software display this data to the admins in a user friendly manner.

Hybrid Cloud Networks

With the popularity of Sass, cloud network management has become a critical point in network management. It used to be difficult to have end to end visibility for administrators to see what happens inside enterprise cloud networks, but as the different network monitoring software evolve we can see that they are adapting to this new environment and providing more support for hybrid cloud networks that use different professional services.


With the rapid advance in network monitoring software in 2020, we will see all professional tools update to adapt to this new networking environment. As you have seen what new technologies are happening in today’s network you can make your choice better at finding network monitoring tools and have an easier life managing your network.